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It's Delish Cocoa Powder

Highest quality cocoa powder for any purpose use. Our cocoa is made by crushing cocoa beans and removing the fat or cocoa butter. Do you know that cocoa is most famous for its role in chocolate? Yes, and it also contains high benefits. Making it easier to work within recipes such as ice cream and chocolate drinks. Adds intense flavor to chocoholic recipes such as fudge or flourless chocolate cake, but it can also be used as a subtle coating on chocolate truffles or a light chocolate booster for quick bread and muffins.


Store cocoa powder in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place. Always put these Cocoa powder in a tin with a tight-fitting lid that can remain in the original flavor. Keeping in mind that your powdered goods will retain their best flavor and nutritional value when stored properly. Do not store the cocoa powder in the refrigerator or freezer as the moisture affects the texture and can lead to spoilage.

About It's Delish!

It's Delish was established in 1992 and is located in North Hollywood, California. It's Delish is a food manufacturer and distributor who produces over 500 gourmet food products including licorice, sour belts, taffies, caramels, Jordan almonds, chocolates, nuts, fruits, trail mixes, spices, and the spice blends. It's Delish also produces organics and all-natural products. We give you the opportunity to order from the factory direct!

It’s Delish! prides itself on the four pillars that are at the foundation of everything we do. 

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