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Gourmet 5LB Black Pepper Jug by Its Delish Everyone deserves the best. We are so confident you will feel the difference. That is why we offer the best quality Gourmet Ground Black Pepper and excellent customer service. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us. The heavier-duty plastic, convenient carry handle, and leak-resistant lids make these clear plastic jugs better for short or long-term pepper storage. They’re safe and great for both residential and commercial use. This 'gourmet' ground pepper is the classic mesh size that most culinary and home cooks use - unless they prefer the 'fine ground', which is powered. Add this to everything and anything savory for a sharp flavor in your dish. Bon Apetit!

QUALITY MATERIAL: Our Gourmet Ground Black Pepper by It's Delish is the real deal when it comes to superior quality. It is made in the USA using natural and quality ingredients that are reliable and have excellent flavor. Gourmet Ground Black Pepper is a product worth investing in since you will get value for your money.

PERFECT FOR ANY DISH OR RECIPE: It's Delish Gourmet Ground Black Pepper is made to impress. You can use it to liven up salads, vegetables, pasta, rice, or potatoes. It is also suitable for sprinkling roasted meats or blending into soups and stews. Buy yours with confidence and feel free to use in marinades to develop deep pepper flavor

VEGAN-FRIENDLY AND NON-GMO: One of the most amazing things about our Gourmet Ground Black Pepper is that it is ideal for professional chefs and home cooks alike. Always running out of pepper powder? Not anymore with this large foodservice size jug. We use only highest quality and all-natural ingredients which are gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher

. BEST FLAVOR: No kitchen should be complete without It's Delish Gourmet Ground, Black Pepper. This pantry staple is fresh, premium, and Kosher. It has good packaging and sealing for superior freshness. The black pepper comes in a 5 LBS restaurant gallon-sized container jug with a handle for easy holding. You can use the gourmet ground black pepper in marinades to develop a deep, zesty flavor. Always stock your kitchen with the best!

PERFECT GIFT IDEA: There is nothing great than when you celebrate your friends or family achievements with gifts. If you are looking for something to give your family, relatives, or coworkers, you can try this Gourmet Ground Black Pepper by It's Delish. You can surprise your loved ones at their birthdays, Christmas day, thanksgiving day, housewarming, weddings, valentines day, or any special event.

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