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Premium Whole Black Sesame Seeds by Its Delish

All Natural & Kosher Whole Raw Black Sesame Seed for Sushi, Bagels, Cooking, Baking, Food Decorating and Topping

Whole black Sesame Seeds in Bulk brings flavor of the East to any dish. These are sure to become shelf staples in your kitchen, offering vibrancy and spectacular flavor because they add a delightful and delicate taste, almost invisible, crunch to many Asian dishes. The scientific name of these black sesame seeds is Sesamum indicum. They are mostly used in Middle Eastern, Asian, Mediterranean, and northern African cooking. Just sprinkle over a variety of dishes for fresher look.

Our natural whole black sesame seeds – are certified Kosher OU made and packaged in the USA are non-GMO and No MSG and provide a rich, delicious, nutty taste and slight crunch. They are a versatile ingredient that adds taste and texture to all of your recipes. Perfect to use in Asian cuisine and breads, like sushi, sesame chicken & beef, seafood, noodles & veggie dishes. Its delish selects only the finest wholesome ingredients for all of our dried herbs and spice blends. Gluten-Free and OU Kosher certified.

  • NATURAL BLACK SESAME SEEDS – Our Gourmet Black sesame seeds with rich nutty flavor are high in protein, essential fatty acids, and fiber. They can be sprinkled onto salads, warm vegetables, and meat or stirred into soups, stir-fries and stews. Our whole sesame seeds can also be whizzed up in a blender to make hummus or nutty taste tahini perfect for vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  • AROMA AND FLAVOR – Rich nutty flavor with an appealing crunch bulk bag. Our whole black sesame seeds are with a pleasant and mild aroma to surround them. Sesame seeds are a great source of high-quality protein. Sprinkle sesame seeds on salads & veggies for satisfying texture, crunch & visual appeal, and richer flavor. Mix with our white hulled and/or roasted sesame seeds for a contrasting garnish.
  • SPRINKLE AWAY for THAT LAST TOUCH – Sesame seeds are ideal for baking and cooking. Use in cookies, pastries, pieces of bread, sushi, salads, noodles, and Asian stir fries. Our sesame seeds are packed and heat sealed to ensure the highest quality freshness. These are not toasted sesame seeds, are natural and non-irradiated, without additive and coloring. With our sesame seeds seasonings, your dishes are sure to be a hit.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY BLACK SESAME SEEDS – Perfect for Tahini, Salads, loaves of bread, Noodles, Stir fry, Chicken, Vegetables. White sesame seeds are preferred for loaf slices of bread and baked items and black sesame seeds are preferred for flat breads. They are often added to Asian foods and also can be important in the baking process to create bakery foods like bagels, brownies, cookies, and bread. No preservatives, no fillers, no anti-caking agents.
  • 100% FRESH, QUALITY, KOSHER – Packing small batches and Freshness is something you will feel immediately on opening the bag. It has a shelf life of 12 to 24 months when stored correctly. In its original packaging and an average climate, customers can expect an even longer shelf-life. When you buy non MSG, non-GMO sesame seeds from its Delish, you can feel confident knowing they are always free from additives and preservatives and Kosher OU-certified for the best quality you can find.

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