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Star Anise

This star-shaped spice is often used in Chinese and Vietnamese cooking. Star anise adds pungent flavor and aroma to meats, stews, mulled beverages, and liqueurs. An essential ingredient in Chinese five-spice powder, star anise can also be used in simmering meat and poultry dishes and in combination with other whole spices for mulling cider and wine. A warm-sweet seasoning that imparts a licorice-like flavor to desserts, liquors, and meats.

This is a classic Chinese spice that, in Thai dishes, is added primarily to soups. For the soup, add the whole seed pod instead of grinding it up. The anise should not be eaten whole, but it looks pretty in the dish and imparts are wonderful aroma. Star Anise is also used very effectively in making aromatic potpourri, and many international dishes call for it.

Many also make a mulled wine with red wine, cider, cinnamon sticks, and this star anise. Great for fresh Chai tea and Thai ice tea. Flavor duck liver pate favorite Pho recipes and Masala Chai base.

Star anise can be added whole to a recipe or ground. To grind, use a spice mill or food processor. When added whole, the star may be removed or used as a garnish after the cooking period. Try our delicious gourmet spices, herbs, and seasoning blends. Bon Appetit!

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