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It's Delish Roasted Unsalted Walnuts

Premium Quality Gourmet Roasted Unsalted Walnuts halves and pieces by Its Delish. Great for baking, snacking, gift trays trail mixes and mixed nuts. Highest quality gourmet walnuts no salt yet fresh and delicious for any purpose use. This is prepared to be a truly delightful treat. If you love baking, add walnuts to your muffins, bread, and cakes to add that dash of raw nutrition. Their eye-catching appearance adds the finishing touch to any party table. Sprinkle them liberally on your breakfast cereals like muesli, porridge or oats every morning. If you like, you can eat them with chopped fruit too. Or, you can sprinkle walnuts over your bowl of curd.  Try when blended in with fruit smoothies, can also provide you with all the nutrition. Some swear by soaked almonds and walnuts kept overnight and eaten first thing in the morning as it helps in reducing birth defects. Get some of these as well as some of our other snacks and party items.

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