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Gourmet Organic Powdered Sugar by It's Delish, 2.5 Lbs Jumbo Container (Jar)

Gourmet Its Delish serves powdered organic sugar, and it is a high-quality natural sweetener. Having powdered sugar in your kitchen is a convenience that you would appreciate every day. You can use our organic sugar for baking goods, sweetening your cup of tea or coffee, or giving a consistent texture to your sauce. Sugar is an ingredient that we use every day. Powdered sugar is better than sugar as it takes less time to dissolve and can save valuable seconds of your time when you’re cooking in a hurry. Once you buy our Organic Powdered Sugar, the jumbo jar will keep you equipped for months!

Why choose starch-free sugar? Generally, powdered sugar is laced with cornstarch to add a soft texture. However, cornstarch is not soluble at room temperature; that is why your food has that chalky taste. Our starch-free sugar is organic and eco-friendly. Its Delish serves soft and refined powdered sugar to assist you in making the most delicious baked goods and other food items with a creamy and smooth texture. Don’t wait, and add this jumbo jar of organic powdered sugar to your cart now!

  • GOURMET ORGANIC POWDERED SUGAR – Its Delish introduces organic powdered sugar from all-natural resources. It is starch-free, safe for use, and eco-friendly as well. Choosing our organic powdered sugar means you’re choosing a healthy substitute for ordinary sugar. Keep your drinks and eatables healthy and pick Its Delish to sweeten your life.
  • VALUE SIZE REUSABLE CONTAINER JUMBO JAR – The reusable jumbo jar would keep you stocked for months. It contains white powdered sugar, and it will keep you stocked for months. So, you won’t have to run to the store every time you want to fulfill your sweet cravings. With our Jumbo jar of organic powdered sugar, you can bake goods every day.
  • PREMIUM JUMBO CONTAINER MULTIPLE USES & BENEFITS – The jumbo-sized container is of great value to your kitchen or workspace. Why buy new jars to store food items or holders for pens and pencils when you have our reusable container? Simply store any food item, herbs, spices, or stationery items in this jar.
  • HEALTHY & DELIGHTFUL SPRINKLE  ENHANCE YOUR FAVORITE DISHES, RECIPES, AND GARNISH – Our powdered sugar is crushed into a fine lightweight powder. The texture allows you to sprinkle the powdered sugar onto cinnamon buns, donuts, pastries, crepes, pancakes, and much more. Add more sugary goodness to your desserts with each sprinkle of Its Delish powdered sugar.
  • CERTIFIED KOSHER PARVE OU – Our Organic Sugar abide by all the Kosher laws before being packaged. We have the required Kosher OU Certification that ensures you get nothing less than premium kosher ingredients. Our Organic Sugar is proudly packaged in the USA and is non-irradiated, non-GMO, and no MSG.

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