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Try our delicious, HAZELNUTS (FILBERTS) - (ROASTED & SALTED) We roast our nuts to perfection right in-house so your filberts arrive at your door at peak freshness. Hazelnuts offer more than a rich, satisfying taste; they're healthy, too. Get protein, fiber, iron, phosphorus and vitamins B, C and E in every serving of roasted hazelnuts, manufactured in our state of the art facility in North Hollywood, California. It's Delish!TM is a family owned business that has been concocting and delivering delicious products for the last two decades.

Delicious high-quality hazelnuts aka filberts without the shell. Try our delicious fresh nuts for all your needs such as daily snacking, salads, baking, etc. Stock up for your upcoming events and daily healthy snack by itself or add it to trail mix etc.

Health Benefits

Hazelnuts contain: vitamin E healthful fat protein dietary fiber
Supporting healthy bowel movements
Eating nuts may help some people to gain less weight.
Rich in Antioxidants which are compounds that protect against cell damage
Reduce or lower levels of harmful cholesterol.
Improving insulin sensitivity
May help to promote a healthy heart.
May increase sperm count and improve the sperms’ quality.

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