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Gourmet Roasted Salted Sunflower Seeds by It's Delish, 38 Oz Jumbo Container - Shelled Sunflower Seeds with Sea Salt

Gourmet Roasted Salted Sunflower Seeds by It's Delish is the road to healthy snacking can become difficult at times when you love to munch on sugary snacks. However, to give yourself a healthy treat, It’s Delish presents Shelled Sunflower Seeds that are roasted and salted to individual perfection. Filled with crunch, taste, and flavor, our sunflower seeds are packed in a tight, air-sealed 38 jumbo (container) jar to preserve their freshness and crunchiness. The bulk container contains enough sunflower seeds to satisfy your cravings. The delicious part of these sunflower seeds is that they can be used on top of any food dish!

Get creative and try new combinations to make your meals more decadent and flavorful. Are you on a diet? If you are following a diet, you can incorporate these sunflower seeds into your diet as well. They are the perfect source of fiber, minerals, and proteins. Our non-dairy and Pareve Shelled Sunflower Seeds are great for late-night or day snacking and munching. So, buy these Sunflower Seeds right from the store now!
  • DELICIOUS PREMIUM QUALITY SUNFLOWER SEEDS ROASTED AND SALTED – It’s Delish Gourmet Sunflower Shelled Seeds are salty and deliciously roasted to perfection to deliver that crunchy and salty taste. When you open the container, the salty whiff of the seeds will water your mouth. Each sunflower seed is delectably salty, crunchy, and an epitome of freshness. Perfect for salads, baked goods and snacking at home, office, travel and parties.
  • BULK REUSABLE CONTAINER (JAR) – Enjoy meals after meals with our bulk sunflower seeds Bulk Container (Jar) quantity. Don't worry about them finishing too quickly. We care for you, and our bulk amount is enough to satisfy your meals for days on end. Plus, the reusable container can store other products available in your pantry for safekeeping and storage purposes. You won't feel the need to throw the useful container away when you're done munching on the seeds.
  • HEALTHY AND IDEAL FOR ALL DIETS: Fresh, tasty and healthy, source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. These sunflower-shelled seeds are a decadent snack and a source of fibers, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Make it an addition to your diet as they are diet-friendly and keep your body fit and energized. No matter when you eat it (in the morning, evening, or night), these sunflower seeds will fulfill your cravings while keeping you healthy.
  • SALTY AND CRUNCHY TOPPING ON DIFFERENT DISHES: If you don’t want to snack on the shelled sunflower seeds separately, you can add more flavor by adding them to your meals or dishes. If you wish to eat your evening salad, oatmeal, baked goods, or any other dish, adding these salty sunflower seeds will enhance the taste of your meal.
  • IDEAL GIFT AND EASY TO TRAVEL WITH ANYWHERE: Our certified Kosher OU Packaged and non-GMO, all-natural sunflower seeds can be the ideal gift to your friends and family. Moreover, you can travel with these sunflower seeds to different parties or destinations. Enjoy your parties and journeys to different places in a healthy way.

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