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Gourmet Natural Ground Almond Powder (Pure Kosher Meal, Flour) by Its Delish – 28 Oz Reusable Jumbo Container

What makes our Almond Flour better?

Ground Natural Almond Powder ships our almond products all under one roof. We are known for our farm fresh, natural, almonds that are extra fine ground with marble mill stones into super fine almond flour, almond powder, or almon

Primary Traits of Almond Flour:

High protein bars High fiber snacks Heart healthy goodies Wheat free snacks - low carb treats Gluten free bread Macaroon mix Pancake mix Waffle mix Cookies Bread Cake

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Start baking with the highest quality, superfine Almond Flour today. Enjoy the Ground Natural Almond Powder!

  • FRESH, ALL NATURAL SINGLE INGREDIENT 100% ALMONDS – Natural ground Almond powder flour  reusable jumbo jar fully fresh, tasty, and healthy, an excellent substitute for breadcrumbs. No added salt or oil. Highest quality gourmet raw almond meal. Steam Pasteurized, No Preservatives or Additives by Its Delish brand. Bake with the Best. Keep cool and dry natural almond powder is a ground almond meal from whole almonds, without oil, fat, salt, or sugar.
  • SUSTAINABLY FARMING ALMONDS – Ground Natural Almond Powder grows, grinds, packs, and ships almond products definitely a good source of fiber, protein, and sodium. Certified Kosher OU Packed in the USA as it is Gluten Free 100%. No additives or preservatives are used because it is all-natural. Almond powder is ideal for baked goods and toppings on cakes and brownies.
  • DELICIOUS GROUND NUTS – Delicious ground nuts usually use for baking, cooking, and frying, etc. It adds texture and a nutty flavor to baked goods. Naturally packed ground Almond powder flour Reusable Jumbo Container. They are ground into extra fine powdered almond flour/meal. They are capturing all the fiber goodness from every almond.
  • CALIFORNIA ALMONDS ARE OUR PASSION – We deliver and handlers of quality almonds and manufacturers of premium almond pastes and almond products. Its Delish has developed a reputation for putting our customers first in every area of our operation. We feel this attitude is one of the most important contributors to our success and the customers we serve.
  • KETO, PALEO, & VEGAN-FRIENDLY FLOUR ALTERNATIVE EXCELLENT FOR HIGH-PROTEIN & HIGH FIBER, LOW-CARB BAKING  – Plant-Based Diet Super Food, Kosher & Kosher for Passover, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free. Naturally, low cholesterol, heart-healthy nutrition. Almond powder is creamy and nutty in flavor, and though finely ground, this product does retain a slightly grainy texture.

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