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Gourmet Dried Leek Flakes, 5 OZ Jumbo Container Jar | Green and White Leek Chopped | Vegan and Kosher Dried Vegetables for Convenient Meals and Cooking

Do you want to elevate your soups and other dishes with new and delicious flavor? Our dried leek flakes are a great addition to soups and casseroles. Store in your pantry as a backup vegetable when you don’t have time to run to the grocery store or if your local market doesn’t often carry fresh leeks. Suitable for vegan and Kosher OU diets, this dried vegetable can be used in place of fresh vegetables in homes with limited fridge and freezer space. Try these, you love their savory aroma. Bon Apetit!
  • MOUTHWATERING LEEK FLAKES: Give your soups and other meals extra flavor with these aromatic dried leek flakes. If you often have trouble finding leeks in your local grocery store, keep these dried vegetables in your local pantry.
  • QUALITY DRIED FOOD: These veggies are freeze dried for a longer shelf life and delicious taste that can be rehydrated faster for meals and snacking than other preservation methods. Freeze drying preserves food without the use of heat.
  • CONVENIENT AND QUICK: Our freeze-dried leek flakes are an easy and convenient way to quickly add in a daily serving of vegetables to your meals. Place a little of this leek in your soups or other boxed products that are light on veggies
  • NUTRITIOUS INGREDIENT: An excellent source of vitamins, this dried leek lets you have your daily dose of vegetables even when camping or backpacking. This veggie is ideal for families with busy schedules that prefer long-lasting ingredients. Vegan and Certified OU Kosher.
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: A family-owned business based in California, It’s Delish produces gourmet goods including candies, nuts, fruits, trail mixes, and spices; for the past two decades, our company prides itself on innovation, quality, value, and service.

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