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Gourmet Dark Chili Powder Its Delish – 5 Lbs Gallon Size Jug with Handle 

Chili Powder by its Delish is a healthy combination of natural & authentic spices perfect for adding flavor to the food. Our blend of spices is best in quality and quantity to add rich flavor and aroma to the roasting of meat, soups, stews, nachos, and tacos with flavor guaranteed. Its Delish chili powder is one of a kind as its preparation process is very thorough.

The Red Dark Chili powder is prepared and stored in reusable jars to provide the best possible products to our customers to add a great spice and flavor to food. We always ensure the quality of all our products so that you get the very best of everything. We take pride in our manufacturing process and our products. Whether your a home chef, caterer, restaurant, or food service establishment, you"ll find our spices and seasonings to meet and beat your high expectations for freshness and bold flavor. Stock up today! 

  • GOURMET MILD HOT CHILI POWDER – Its Delish Convenient Large Grinded Chili Powder is delicious and tastes great in just about every recipe to add flavor to it. Hot 'n spicy natural chilies and spices give a healthy and deep rich color. Add a new and fresh flavor of chili powder to your most favorite dishes. The air-tight reusable jug prevents the chili powder from dampness, direct sunlight, and high temperature.
  • PREMIUM BLEND OF DARK RED CHILIES – Enhance your culinary experience with bold and hearty flavor. Our 5 Pounds (80 ounces) Reusable Jumbo Jug (Convenient Large) of chilies & aroma selected from authentic chilies is perfect for adding heat and spice to food. Our products come in secure and reusable packaging to have a good experience with our natural products. It is regularly used to improve your culinary involvement in generous flavor and striking taste.
  • TACOS * NACHOS * ENCHILADAS * BEEF & WINGS  Its Delish Perfect grind of ripe chili peppers is rich, healthy, and hot enough to be used for Indian Curry Masala, Seasoning of chicken or beef for roasting and grilling. Moreover, Add Dark Red Chili Powder to your morning omelet, sprinkle atop pizza, or stir into your favorite soups, sauces, and dips for an additional hot and sizzling taste without any artificial flavors utilized in the grinding phase.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DARK CHILI POWDER NATURAL TASTE – Great with stews, roasts, chicken wings, gravies, soups, sauces, etc. Earthy fresh flavor for spicing up stews, bread, marinades, and sauces. The chilies and bell peppers are dried using a unique procedure to provide the best natural taste with hot and fiery flavor to the taste buds. Satisfy your hunger with the best taste of the food made with our chili powder. =
  • GUARANTEED PRODUCT – OU Kosher certified in the USA, non-GMO, and no added MSG dark chili powder has a shelf life of 12 to 24 months when stored correctly, depending on climate variations. Moreover, the reusable jug is also perfect for storing the powder for a longer time. We value our customers more than anything so that you can enjoy all the health benefits with our chili powder.

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