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Gourmet Chocolate Drizzle Zigzag Popcorn by It's Delish – 16 Oz (1 Lb) Jumbo Container

Treat yourself or make a hit with our delicious Freshly made Gourmet Popcorn. Buy It's Delish! premium fresh products packed in our state-of-the-art, 50,000 sq foot facility in North Hollywood, California. Ships directly to your, home, or office. Enjoy!

Plus, the container that packs these chocolate drizzle zigzag nuts are specifically designed to keep the nuts fresh and crunchy. This fun, Chocolate Drizzle Zigzag of popcorn come in a large bulk 16 Oz container to quench your popcorn thirst. Turn the lid of the popcorn container to sniff in the aroma of this yummy chocolate-flavored popcorn. Plus, when this popcorn finishes, you can reuse the container to store food or stationery items in it. Our chocolate drizzle zigzag is non-dairy and proudly made in the USA. Kosher certification shows that they are non-GMO.
  • DELICIOUS GOURMET ZIG ZAG CHOCOLATES POPCORN – VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE DRIZZLED POPCORN: It's Delish knows how important it is for popcorn lovers to have popcorns in all flavors, and that's why we have brought the new gourmet chocolate drizzle zigzag popcorn for you. The popcorns are drizzled with the right amount of vanilla and chocolate-flavored chocolate to give you the most exciting and tasty popcorn bowl.
  • FRESHLY POPPED POPCORN JUMBO CONTAINER FOR MORE CHOCOLATE POPCORN – Its Delish Jumbo reusable container (jar) Zig Zag Chocolate popcorns are so popular that people love having a container of them every time they go to the movies, watch one at home, or simply have them as a snack. Well, guess what? Instead of a bag, we give you a jumbo-sized container to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our bulk popcorn will keep your bowl filled till the end of the movie.
  • MOUTH WATERING CHOCOLATE DRIZZLED ZIGZAG POPCORN: Our gourmet popcorns are nicely covered in caramel, and then white and brown chocolate is deliciously drizzled on top to complete the overall look. When you pop these popcorns in your mouth, your palate will burst with caramel and chocolate flavor. These chocolate popcorns will give you the sugar rush you desire.
  • FRESHLY MADE GOURMET POPCORN REUSABLE CONTAINER – When the sad time comes that your popcorn finishes, rather than throwing the container away, you can place other kitchen utensils or food in it. In fact, you can use this container to store anything in it. Just find a purpose, and It's Delish jumbo container will serve it. Freshly made Gourmet Popcorn. Buy It's Delish! Premium fresh products packed in our state of the art. Ships directly to you, home or office. Enjoy!
  • CERTIFIED KOSHER OU PARVE – GREAT FOR SNACKING ON AND ALSO MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Our chocolate drizzled zigzag popcorns are non-dairy. We proudly source these popcorns from within the USA with Kosher certification, making it non-GMO. Our customers are our top priority. So, we bring nothing less than crunch, freshness, and yummy flavor for you. Order directly from our Amazon store right here and right now.

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