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Gourmet Chocolate Blueberries Mix Medley by Its Delish
Everybody loves chocolate, that is why we have created It's Delish chocolate-covered fruit berries that will never fail to disappoint you. Have your first heavenly bite of this magical dessert generously covered with white chocolate coating making them definitely worth a try. The recipe is so rich and flavorful, it'll satisfy even the most dedicated chocolate lovers. Get some for yourself and send some as a gift to someone you love!MADE WITH REAL DRIED BLUEBERRIES
These chocolate delights are not filled with candy or other junk foods. These have a real dried blueberry center in each chocolate ball. They are not fresh blueberries like you'd find in the fridge of your store, those won't last long. These are dried fruit centers that will last in your pantry to keep you going for a while, if you can control yourself that is. Stock up and enjoy!
There’s just something so satisfying about biting into chocolate candy. Wake up your senses with these smooth and indulgent white chocolate-covered blueberries that deliver a deeply satisfying experience. Share this special treat with your family, friends, or coworkers and enjoy the amazing and tempting taste of these delicious little treats for people of all ages.
  • DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE COVERED MIX MEDLEY - It is a tri-colored fine delicacy from inside and out. At Its Delish, we use the highest quality dried fruits to marry decadent white, dark & milk chocolates. Try some for that special occasion and stock up for a good moment at the home, office, and any event — mix of White, Dark, and Milk Chocolate Coated Blueberries.
  • VALUE SIZE TASTY & ARTISTICALLY DECORATED – bulk bag by Its Delish brand. They are skillfully crafted with delectable dried fruits artistically decorated and thoughtfully packaged a box of chocolates. These are quite tasty and delicious. The milk and white chocolate are a bit sweeter; if you have weak willpower to knowing when to stop with tasty sweets, you might want to watch yourself with these because they are reasonably addicting.
  • GOURMET CHOCOLATE MIXED YUMMY Made - with the freshest & finest blueberries dried fruits with mix of White, Dark, and Milk chocolate coated.
  • IT'S DELISH WONDERFUL TREAT – A special delight to put out at your candy bar buffet, party favors, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and for any occasion. Scrumptious Mix of White, Dark and Milk Chocolate Coated Blueberries Dried Fruits.
  • QUALITY & KOSHER CERTIFIED – We cherish your involvement in our brand more than everything else. It's Delish is certified Kosher OU-Dairy Proudly Made in the USA and shipped to you fresh. Our company also produces other food products like caramel, trail mixes, blend spices, and many more over 500 products. We assure you we keep all the beneficial aspects in our mind while enjoying the delicious products by It's Delish.

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