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Fenugreek seeds have a somewhat bitter taste, similar to celery, maple syrup or burnt sugar, and are often used to make medicine. However, fenugreek has a far more pleasant taste when cooked. Never heard of fenugreek? Don’t worry you’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you should continue to be in the dark on this medicinal herb. Fenugreek has some amazing health benefits that could change your life for the better. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this important herb.
  • Premium Quality Ground Fenugreek Seed Powder
  • With bold flavor and vibrant aroma
  • With Health Benefits
  • Natural and Organic Spice
  • Certified kosher OU Packed in the USA, No MSG, No preservatives, 100% all-natural

 Just like all of our spices, herbs, and seasoning, this is packed fresh and shipped out to you. 

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