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Dried Blueberries by Its Delish, 3 LBS Jumbo Container |

Bulk Dehydrated Blueberry Fruit Dry Wild Berries for Baking & Snacking | Healthy Vegan Snack A HEALTHY & FLAVORFUL LIFESTYLE Who said a healthy eating lifestyle has to be boring? Try these dried blueberries and add them to your daily breakfast or any meal. Sprinkle a handful into yogurt, granola, cereal, cut-up fruit, and more. REAL BLUEBERRIES JUST DRIED TO LAST LONG These are real dry blueberry fruit with a raisin-like look and feel. They are not the fresh blueberries like you'd find in the fridge of your store, those won't last long. These are dried fruit that will last in your pantry to keep you going for a while. HAVE THESE ON DEMAND FOR BAKING Many recipes call for blueberries and they are not always in season or on hand. That's why you need a jar of these delicious dried blueberries to munch on as a snack and to throw into any baked good recipe. Stock up and enjoy!

HIGH NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Good antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, potassium, and low glycemic index. Our dried blueberries are a great source of good fruit and healthy nutrition MULTIPLE WAYS TO ENJOY Premium dried blueberry fruit, perfect right out of the bag for snacking, also serves as an ideal ingredient in home recipes, including hot cereals, trail mix, salads, confections, baked goods DELICIOUS SNACK: Mix dehydrated blueberries with your morning yogurt or oatmeal, add them to your favorite salads or use them as a dessert topping for extra dinner time sweetness. A mouthwatering delicacy 100% NATURAL: With all-natural taste and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, our sweetened dried blueberries have their natural taste with minimal natural cane sugar added. Dried Blueberries are full of fiber and essential nutrients. Certified Kosher. 3LBS PACK: Packed in an airtight container with a lid, these dry berries retain their taste to the last grain. Ideal storage pack, highly portable, and ensures hygiene for your dried fruits

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