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Dried Parsley Flakes by Its Delish - 16 OZ Huge Restaurant Gallon Size Jug

Dried parsley flakes bring soft flavor to every dish. There were times when parsley flakes were used merely to add an instant flavor to various food items, but now the usage of dried flat leaves parsley has extended to a great level. People add mild parsley flakes to their daily diet because of its organic and natural benefits attached to good health. For instance, it controls weight gain issues, makes bones strong, and helps you resolve skincare challenges as well.

Its Delish practices the best drying process to maintain color consistency and beautify every meal. Be it boiled eggs, noodles, seafood, pasta, or vegetables, and mild parsley flakes give every dish a soothing touch. Moreover, its Delish dried parsley flakes are enriched in natural ingredients and flavors that would give you a reliable buying experience. Our premium parsley is now available in this huge gallon size jug made especially for restaurants, caterers, and foodservice kitchens. Get one of each type to crown your spice shelf. Bon Apetit!

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