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Whole Dill Seeds 

Dill seeds are a staple in Eastern European cuisine, where it is used to flavor bread, vegetables, braised meats, and soups, such as the classic Russian cabbage-based soup called borsch. Dill seeds provide the strongest flavor by far. They can also be used to make a unique herb bread, flavored vinegar, and can even be added in small quantities to desserts, particularly those containing apples. Dill seed performs equally well in soups and braised dishes, especially with meaty eggplant or cruciferous vegetables like cabbage. Try dill seeds in pickle brines for cucumbers, beets, and carrots.

Dill Seeds is packed with micronutrients that provide health benefits. ... Dill is also a good source of fiber, folate (important for cell division, and production of DNA), calcium for healthy bones, riboflavin for cell function and development, manganese, and iron.

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