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Dried Hibiscus Flower Tea Leaves

Its Delish Dried Hibiscus Flower Leaves tea is a healthy product whether to be enjoyed as a cold iced tea in summer or as a hot tea in winter. The Hibiscus leaves are handpicked from different gardens by our professionals and are then dried and hand sifted in the sun manually and then through machines to ensure the best taste is provided to our customers. Our process does not include any additives or artificial flavors thereby producing 100% natural product. Tartness like flavor of Hibiscus Flower Leaves can also be added to improve the flavor of other favorite recipes and drinks. 

  • FLAVORFUL & VERSATILE PURE HIBISCUS – Hibiscuses are shrubs and small trees that produce beautiful, colorful trumpet-shaped flowers. Its Delish Hibiscus Leaves, experience the fruity and unique flavor of the whole hibiscus petals and with no caffeine added, enjoy it cold or hot, with basil or with honey and you will notice its soothing effect and feel refreshed. The red ruby like delightful liquid provides a soothing effect to the eyes and can be brewed using our fresh Hibiscus flowers.
  • Natural Variety Sized Hibiscus Flavor Rich Leaves – Our Dried Hibiscus Flower Leaves comes in a variety of sizes  to enjoy the appetizing flavor for a long time. The reusable bags prevents the dampness of the leaves so you can enjoy the tea throughout the whole year as our bags are dust proof and water proof and has a shelf storage life of almost 1 year. Just enjoy the cool breeziness of our product carefree.
  • ROBUST AND AROMATIC INGREDIENT FOR EVERYDAY USE – This ruby red floral flavored hibiscus tea is one of the most traditional tea and can either be used with green tea or black tea, Hibiscus provides a savory and enhanced flavor. The fruity and tart like flavor of hibiscus leaves is similar to cranberry taste. Lemon or honey is often used to sweeten the taste of hibiscus leaves to balance the tartness taste.
  • Healthy & Beneficial Sifted Fresh Tea – Hibiscus herbal tea leaves have been used for centuries due to its medical properties. Its Delish Hibiscus Flower Leaves are non-GMO which means that they are 100% pure and natural. These are hand sifted several times to ensure the best quality product is delivered to our customer. Hibiscus flower leaves have been known for making the immuune system healthy and also have been used for weight loss.
  • 100 % Guaranteed Satisfaction & Certified Product – We take pride in our products and we are here to put a smile on your face. Its Delish Earthy Hibiscus Leaves Tea is considered to be a summer’s healthy drink which is free from calories, Kosher certified in USA, non-GMO, no added caffeine and no added MSG. We are committed to the health of the community and welfare of the environment. Just order this product and enjoy the freshness in every flower in the bag.

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Donald G.
United States

Best Hibiscus Tea ever!

I have only used hibiscus tea for the past 12 years. Delish makes the freshest, highest quality, most dust-free tea I have encountered. The competition I've found is either stale, mostly dust, or has an unpleasant off-taste. I've gone from an occasional cup of the others to a daily habit of the Delish tea!