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Yogurt Covered Papaya Dices by It's Delish, 3 LBS Jumbo Container | Kosher Dairy-Free Jumbo Yogurt Covered Fruit for Vegan Snacking | Dried Diced Papaya Coated in Yogurt-Flavored Shell Snack Treats

Satisfy your snacking desires with this sweet and tangy treat from It’s Delish. Our dairy-free yogurt covered papaya makes a delightful vegan snack. Our dried papaya snack is certified kosher OU-pareve, meaning that this tropical snack is made in a dairy and meat free facility. Dried papaya boosts energy and is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, soluble fiber, and zinc for healthier snacking. The yogurt-flavored shell adds a tasty tanginess to this treat. Our dried papaya chunks coated in yogurt are a delight for the tastebuds and a treat for people and pets. Pet birds and their owners will especially appreciate this delicious snack. Our dairy-free yogurt-covered papaya bits come in a bulk bag, perfect for parties, weddings, or movie nights with friends.

  • YOGURT COVERED DRIED PAPAYA: This delightful papaya snack is filled with sweet fruit covered in dairy-free yogurt goodness; enjoy the sweet tropical taste of this dried and diced papaya in a yummy yogurt-flavored shell with every bite.
  • DELICIOUS VEGAN SNACKS: If you are looking for a fresh vegan treat or are allergic to milk products, this dairy-free yogurt-covered fruit tastes sweet and tangy; this treat is certified kosher OU-parve'
  • HIGH IN HEALTHY ANTIOXIDANTS: Enjoy the energy boost from antioxidants and other vitamins in this yummy tropical snack; those who eat dried papaya often find improvement in their digestion and nutrition.
  • TASTY TREATS FOR PEOPLE AND BIRDS: Our papaya coated in a yogurt-flavored shell is a delight for the tastebuds and a treat for people and pets; birds especially appreciate this yogurt-covered tropical fruit snack.
  • MADE IN THE USA: A family-owned business based in California, It’s Delish produces gourmet goods including candies, nuts, fruits, trail mixes, and spices; for the past two decades, our company prides itself on innovation, quality, value, and service.

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