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Delicious and freshly roasted coconut chips unsweetened all natural with no additives and no sugar! These coconut flakes are a healthy delight with protein and fiber and serve as a great snack by itself or to add to trail mix. They make an awesome topping for yogurt, salads, ice cream, baked goods, cereal, pancakes, and smoothies, oatmeal, granola, or even ice cream, and whatever else needs a sweet, crunchy, flavorful boost.

  • ALL NATURAL Premium Gourmet Unsweetened Coconut Chips Roasted to Perfection
  • VALUE SIZE One, Two, Three, Five & Ten Pounds (160 Oz) Bulk bag Its Delish brand
  • TASTE & HEALTH Fresh, tasty and healthy, rich source of minerals and vitamins
  • YUMMY Awesome for toppings and adding excitement, flavor, and crunch to your favorite dishes
  • QUALITY Certified Kosher OU Made in the USA All natural and Gluten-free Shipped to you fresh!

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