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Premium Chandler Walnuts Halves by It's Delish

Chandler walnuts are a premium version of walnut halves. The walnuts are light in color, 80% of them are completely whole and have a gorgeous appearance! These walnuts are raw with no shell and no salt added. They are grown and packed in California and shipped to you fresh. They can be used for making nut milk, cooking and baking. They are perfect the way they are and ready to be munched on! Add them to trail mix, smoothies, and desserts too! Enjoy!
  • PREMIUM All Natural Raw Shelled Chandler Walnut 80% Whole Halves
  • VALUE SIZE Convenient Jumbo  Reusable Container, by Its Delish brand
  • TASTE & HEALTH Great source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamin E, omega 3 and rich source of antioxidants.
  • STOCK UP Perfect for any use, for snacking, cooking and baking or whatever the occasion
  • QUALITY Certified Kosher OU, Vegan, Gluten Free, Grown & Packaged in the USA

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