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Assorted Jordan Sunflower Seeds by Its Delish,
Delight in the bright colors and sweet taste of our traditional Jordan Sunflower Seeds by It’s Delish. Made with high-quality ingredients, our take on this classic candy features premium California Sunflower Seeds coated with a hard candy shell. These decorative candies look beautiful as edible decorations at home or during events. Traditionally, Jordan Sunflower Seeds are served at weddings, baby showers, baptisms, or christenings since ancient times in Rome or other countries in the Mediterranean. Add these classic candies to your wedding traditions by using them as favors or as part of your dessert buffet. Choose the size that suits your needs with about 110 pieces per pound. Dairy-free, these Jordan Sunflower Seeds are suitable for vegan and kosher diets. More so, while most manufacture these with a polish that has insect ingredients, ours is bug-free, making them certified kosher and vegan. Stock up and enjoy!
  • JORDAN SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Indulge in the delightful crunch and sweet taste of this hard almond candy. Our Jordan Sunflower Seeds come in brightly colored s that look beautiful as candy decorations in your home or at events.
  • DAIRY-FREE AND VEGAN TREAT: Crafted from quality California Sunflower Seeds, this traditional wedding candy is certified kosher OU and completely dairy-free. These Jordan Sunflower Seeds are suitable for vegan diets too.
  • LARGE QUANTITY PER PACKAGE: Choose the size you need for casual snacking or special holiday events. There are approximately 110 pieces per pound. We offer bulk quantities from 1-pound to 10-pound sizes.
  • CLASSIC WEDDING CANDY: Serve an almond candy that is steeped in historical significance and tradition at your wedding, baby shower, or religious events. Jordan Sunflower Seeds are first documented in ancient Rome by the name, dragati.
  • MADE IN THE USA: A family-owned business based in California, It’s Delish produces gourmet goods including candies, nuts, fruits, trail mixes, and spices; for the past two decades, our company prides itself on innovation, quality, value, and service.

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