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Gourmet Tutti Frutti Taffy Chews by It's Delish – Chewy Fluffy Individually Wrapped Sweet & Juicy Soft Candy Taffies - USA Made

Gourmet Tutti Frutti Taffies by It's Delish These colorful delicious taffies are sweet, chewy and full of flavor. They are made in-house by our candy experts and are individually wrapped. Try all our flavors, including Cherry, Blueberry, Watermelon, Banana, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange ice cream, Neapolitan, Peppermint, Tutti fruity etc. They'll be appreciated by kids and adults alike. Stock up for your pantry and upcoming events. Enjoy!

  • PERFECT TREAT TUTTI FRUTTI TAFFY – Its Delish Bulk Bag soft Tutti Frutti toffee (taffy) is for all, LOVES candy so when Tutti Frutti Taffy also comes for Treat or Christmas gifts. Our naturally extracted fruits chew sure won't disappoint! Go ahead, gift them some amazing candy this Holiday season; your taste buds will "go Tutti Frutti" when you treat them to our Soft Tutti Frutti Taffy Chews. Try all our flavors; we are sure they will love it and you
  • VALUE SIZE bulk bag Its Delish brand
  • SOFY & FLUFFY TOFFEES – Our Soft Tutti Frutti Taffy is also known as the "After You Eat Treat," so our kids can enjoy one after every meal, up to three per day, for clean teeth and a healthier smile. Enjoy the soft, gooey, and chewy texture and delicious flavors with no guilt, Gluten-free, dairy-free, natural, and mom-approved. Our goal is to provide the most flavorful, true-to-life varieties of soft, whipped-style taffy. With over maximum flavors, you are sure to find the taffy you love.
  • YOUR FAVORITE TUTTI FRUTTI TAFFY – Its Delish Tutti Frutti 3 lbs bulk bag is favorite among the dentists, teachers, and parents. Ideal for schools, dental and health care offices, and families who love to smile. These healthy treats are perfect for everyone, and great rewards or prizes for young children. Healthy Tutti Frutti Taffy with a mission to make you smile, whether that's reliving childhood or offering better things for our kids.
  • HEAVENLY RAINBOW THEMED CANDY – It's Delish Taffy is not sugar-free but will contain smile friendly natural ingredients that are good for your teeth too. The variety pack contains Tutti Frutti flavor individually wrapped taffies. You can try our delicious taffy treats & you can use them as a treat. Try our other colors and flavors, blueberry, green apple, yellow banana, peppermint and tutti frutti!
  • YOU ARE SO VALUABLE – It's easy to spread the love & share the square with your friends or throw some in your pocket or bag to enjoy either. We cherish your involvement in our brand more than everything else. It is Certified that Its Delish, Dairy-Free, Packaged in the USA non-GMO. No additives or preservatives. If you need our help or need to ask something, reach out to us. Our help group will be glad to support you and guarantee that you are 100%.

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