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Fresh Style Coated Toffee Macadamia by Its Delish 10 lbs Bulk Bag

Its Delish’s Toffee Macadamias are a nutrient powerhouse and are a deliciously satisfying nut. Our Crunchy toffee nuts truly deserve super snacks status because of multifold benefits, i.e., healthy enough to maintain your diet, used as light party snacks, and many others. These Toffee Macadamia are caramelized to perfection to make for the perfect, highly addictive treat. Our Macadamia are expertly roasted and then caramelized in a sugar coating. Its Delish’s Toffee Macadamia may have a small ingredient list but pack a big punch full of flavor. It is similar to crunchy-covered English toffee. English toffee describes a hardened caramel topped with chopped nuts. Our toffee nuts do not contain any dairy products so they are kosher parve and vegan! Try our toffee and chocolate-covered almonds, peanuts, cashews, pecans and much more. Stock up today! Enjoy!
  • CRUNCHY SWEET SNACK  – Delicious Gourmet Toffee Macadamia are encircled by the crunchy shell to ensure sweet and yummy flavor. Its Delish’s Toffee Macadamia are quality fresh and tasty. You can have the sweet, and crunchy mixed flavor with popcorn and sprinkle on ice cream. These candied ones are tasty enough because the sweet gourmet flavored coated toffee Macadamia are so delightful that they complement every dessert.
  •  DAILY DOSE OF NUTS  – Our caramelized toffee Macadamia are diet-friendly to take care of your good health. Toffee Macadamia come with multiple advantages in terms of health and diet. Its Delish’s Toffee Macadamia are rich in nutrients to support immunity system. These sweet and salty crunch toffee Macadamia are good for memory and skin at the same time. Altogether, our health toffee peanut snacks give you multiple health benefits and keep your diet-routine smooth.
  • SNACKING-FRIENDLY PACKAGING  – Its Delish’s products come in secure and reusable packaging so that the customers can have a good experience with our products. Fresh packaged toffee Macadamia are packed in reusable jar that keep them fresh in a long run. Moreover, Its Delish’s Crunched Packed Toffee Macadamia are good in quantity and you can share them with your co-workers, friends or family.
  •  IT'S PARTY TIME – Crunchy Toffee Macadamia are the best snacks for parties’ like: birthdays, holiday parties or other social or family events. Every time you arrange a Hi-Tea or a snack party with your friends, Toffee Macadamia by Its Delish would become relevant. These are healthy, and tasty enough to lighten up your gathering and parties. Moreover, you can also have them as instant snacks in your office, college, school, and travel.
  • QUALITY & KOSHER – We cherish your involvement in our brand more than everything else. It is Certified Kosher OU Parve, Non-Dairy, Vegan, Made in the USA non-GMO, No MSG. Its Delish’s USDA pure toffee Macadamia have been hand-picked fresh at the height of ripeness taste from great farms that started the craze for the nut trade so you can enjoy all of the health benefits that come from this proven taste and freshness.

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