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Gourmet Milk Chocolate Covered Cranberries

Every superhero needs their sidekick... and we can’t think of a better dynamic duo than milk chocolate and cranberries! This delicious treat is brought to you by Its Delish.
Flavor packed party treat
When you eat our delicious milk chocolate covered cranberries, you’ll enjoy the perfect combo of sour and sweet. The milk chocolate melting into your mouth as you take a right and enter Flavorville. It’s the perfect snack to eat while lounging around the house, office or parties.
Insanely nutritious and healthy
Did you know cranberries have TONS of health benefits and are consistently ranked one of the healthiest foods you should be eating daily? Cranberries protect against various health issues, improve cardiovascular health, are extremely low in calories, have various healthy antioxidants and more. The more you eat cranberries the more you’re doing your health a favor!
You’ll be happier, its science!
Did you know eating chocolate actually makes you happier? Cocoa beans contain dopamine, caffeine, anandamide and more. Most people know that caffeine gives you energy and dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good, but have you heard of anandamide? It’s actually a a happy neurotransmitter in your brain. They don’t call it the “bliss molecule” for nothing!

  • SCRUMPTIOUS - Dried Cranberry coated in Milk Chocolate
  • VALUE SIZE - bulk bag Its Delish brand
  • YUMMY - Made with the freshest & finest dried cranberry fruit and scrumptious milk chocolate made in-house!
  • CLASSY - Wonderful treat for yourself, office parties, late-night snacking crave, candy buffets or to give as a gift
  • QUALITY & KOSHER - Certified Kosher OU-Dairy, Chalav Yisroel, Made in the USA, N. Hollywood CA, Shipped to you fresh!

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