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Premium Raw Dried Sweet Potato Dices Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes Dices & Flakes by Its Delish - 24 Oz Reusable Container 100% natural and fresh and dehydrated sweet potato dice by its Delish is the fresh and best-tasting product free from GMOs or additives. Our sweet raw ready-to-cook Potato Dices is a tasty and nutritious dried vegetable that adds a great taste to your meal. Dried sweet potato snacks are great for so many recipes and useful for easy veggie soups, beef stew, backpacking trips, crockpot dinners, dry beans dishes, couscous, scrambled eggs, soups, chips, baking, and broth. Aside from its tremendous and practical everyday use, it will serve you well on camping trips and emergency food supply. We always ensure the quality of all our products so that you get the very best of everything. Its Delish products carry a full selection of beans and grains, wild rice, air dried vegetables, freeze-dried fruits, and freeze-dried vegetables. These are also kosher and packaged carefully by hand for optimum quality, care, and freshness. 
  • GREAT SWEET POTATO STOCK – Its Delish's Dried Sweet Potatoes Containers are the best choice for midnight or instant cravings because of its multiple uses. You can have these Diced Potatoes in soups and casseroles. You can also use dehydrated snacks & dehydrated dried sweet potato dice to fill and bake new dishes to add a bold taste and hearty flavor to your food.
  • DELICIOUS & HEALTHY – Sweet Potato Dices are not only delicious but good for your health and diet too. Our ingredients are free of artificial colors or flavors. With the added benefit of being low in sodium, you can enjoy Its Delish's sweet potato dices without feeling guilty. It's excellent on side dishes and is a delicious snack all on its own. - For best results, soak for six hours or overnight before use, or sprinkle into soups and slow cooker recipes.
  • UNIVERSAL FOOD WITH VERSATILITY – Its Delish's diced sweet potatoes are perfect for camping, everyday cooking, or to store in case of emergencies and use as survival food. These dried dice potatoes are ready to be used in your favorite recipes today. Our products work great for meals in a reusable jar, and you can store items for a more extended period.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE, PACKAGED IN THE USA – Its Delish's sweet potatoes dices are always produced and processed in the USA. Potato moisture is removed from the product in a unique drying process and masterfully get it dried to give the product the best crunch and quality assurance. Our dehydrated dried potato dices are crunchy, mild, and are beneficial for the body. Grown and dried by USA based companies.
  • YOU ARE VALUABLE – We cherish your involvement in our brand more than everything else. It is Certified Kosher OU Packaged in the USA non-GMO, No MSG, Gluten-Free. Its Delish’s USFDA certified dehydrated dried potato dice has been hand-picked fresh at the height of ripeness taste from the exotic so that you can enjoy all of the health benefits that come from this yummy product.

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