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Dried Mango Slices by Its Delish,   Jumbo Reusable ContainerIndulge in the tropical sweetness of Dried Mango Slices by Its Delish, conveniently stored in a 30 OZ jumbo reusable container. These candied dried fruit mango slices boast a natural flavor profile with low sugar content and no added colors, ensuring a healthy and delightful snacking experience. Each piece of dehydrated mango offers the freshness of carefully dried mangoes packed with vitamin C, perfect for a nutritious boost. Vegan and kosher, these dry mango candies cater to a variety of dietary needs, making them a guilt-free treat. These Dried Mango Slices are not only a quality product but also a versatile ingredient for standalone snacking, trail mixes, and creative culinary endeavors. Enjoy the taste of the tropics with every bite of our Dry Mango Candy Healthy Snacks.
  • DRIED FRUIT MANGO SLICES: Savor the taste of Dried Mango Slices by Its Delish, presented in a jumbo reusable container for your enjoyment.
  • NATURAL FLAVOR: These candied dried fruit mango slices are sweetened with low sugar and contain no added colors, offering a healthy and delicious daily snacking option.
  • FRESH DRIED MANGOES: Our dehydrated fruits are carefully dried to preserve their freshness, providing a burst of vitamin C in every bite. Awesome chewy snack for home & office, family and road trips.
  • NUTRITIOUS SNACK: These dry mango candy are vegan and kosher, making them a guilt-free treat suitable for various dietary preferences.
  • QUALITY & KOSHER: Proudly prepared in our North Hollywood, California factory, these certified kosher OU Dried Mango Slices are promise quality and flavor in every piece.

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