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Crystallized Ginger Slices Sulfured ,

Delicious and fresh dried crystalized sliced ginger. Crystallized ginger is made from natural ginger root, dried, and rolled in coarse sugar to preserve its sweet, spicy taste. It's a chewy piece of goodness with a wild kick of spiciness alongside its sweetness. Save some in the fridge for a nightly snack after dinner. Some say it's good to stop nausea and upset stomach situations. Besides snacking, chop and use in baking, such as gingerbread, cakes, and cookies. These can last a long time in the fridge so stock up and enjoy!

  • DELICIOUS Premium Dried Crystallized Ginger Slices
  • VALUE SIZE bulk sealed bag Its a Delish brand
  • YUMMY These sugar-coated ginger pieces are perfect for adding a touch of sweet, peppery flavor to a recipe or enjoying as a chewy candy
  • GREAT for cooking, baking, and snacking, chewy sweet, and spicy, or enjoy as-is for an immune-boosting snack
  • QUALITY Certified Kosher OU Packaged in the USA Non-GMO

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