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Gourmet Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Pepitas (Green Pumpkin Seed Kernels, No Shell) by It's Delish Its Delish Toasted Pumpkin Seeds – Unsalted and Full of Proteins! Its Delish loves to please its customers by introducing new things in our store. The Pumpkin Seeds Pepitas by Its Delish is an amazing addition that is packed with proteins and fibers to kick start your day. Our pumpkin seeds are a dose of crunchy delight that you can’t resist. Plus, the best thing? They come with no shells. This means, you won’t have to waste time on peeling its shells whilst your mouth waters by sniffing the salty aroma of the pumpkin seeds! HIGHEST QUALITY PUMPKIN SEEDS (GREEN) NO SHELL RAW UNSALTED – Gourmet toasted green pumpkin seeds pepitas kernels are a proud addition to Its Delish special seeds category. These pumpkin seeds are sourced from the best places in the USA, handpicked, and quality Pumpkin Seeds (green) no shell raw unsalted, and toasted to perfection. VALUE SIZE – OUR ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS BULK BAG IS TIGHTLY SEALED TO PREVENT AIR PASSAGE, SO YOU RECEIVE CRISPY PINE NUTS EVERY TIME. NO SHELLS, EASY EATING – Perfect for salads, baked goods and snacks at home, office, travel, and parties. Why waste your time peeling off shells from pumpkin seeds when you can buy no-shell pumpkin seeds? Forget peeling off shells with the store-bought pumpkin seeds when you can eat our peeled pumpkin kernels. FRESH, TASTY AND HEALTHY, SOURCE OF FIBER, IRON, OMEGA FATS AND PROTEIN – These pumpkin seeds are packed with iron, fibers, omega fats, and proteins to keep your body healthy and happy. We don't compromise on freshness and quality so that you can expect the only best from us. Tightly close the lid and store the seeds in a cool place. CERTIFIED KOSHER OU MADE IN THE USA 100% NATURAL NON-GMO REUSABLE CONTAINER – The toasted pumpkin seeds are packed in a jumbo container. When these pumpkin seeds end, don't throw away the container. Instead, use it to store different foods or products.

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