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Glazed Silvered Almonds by Its Delish, 10 lbs Bulk Bag

These Scrumptious candied silvered almonds are made from fresh ingredients and delivered to you fresh so you can get that crunch, sweet, and savory flavor with every bite. There is no comparison between the store-bought glazed silvered almonds and the ones we deliver at your doorstep because ours are fresh, free from additives and sulfites, and non-GMO.

Our glazed candied silvered almonds offer a sweet and salty, crunchy taste, making it an irresistible everyday snack. Whether you take it as morning, evening, or late-night snack, you won't be able to stop your hand from reaching the jar time and time again. Plus, you can use these candy silvered almonds as a topping for your salad, ice cream, parfaits, pancakes, and even on your waffles. The choices are unlimited.

  •  PERFECT HEALTHY GLAZED SLIVERED ALMONDS – Slivered almonds are the most used items in dry fruits. It's Delish is famous for providing quality snacks that the people love. Our candied glazed Slivered almond and caramelized Slivered almonds are perfectly roasted and coated with a sweet sheen of pure cane sugar, giving each Slivered almond piece a crackly crunch. Each crackle of our glazed Slivered almonds defines how fresh and delicious this snack is. You just love it.
  •  GREAT VALUE SIZE – Its Delish’s stay-fresh bulk bag are enriched with purity and are freshly glazed Slivered almonds meal that you can store for your salad toppings and can utilize in the long run for parties etc. All those store-bought glazed Slivered almonds don't deliver that crackle, crunch, and taste you would otherwise get from freshly roasted and sweetened Slivered almonds.
  •  PERFECT GOURMET SNACK TIME PARTNER – Our candy Slivered Almonds come in a 1 lb Bulk Bag. This means you can munch on them or sprinkle them on your dishes without worrying when they will end. Just open of our bag, you would get that sweet and salty whiff and aroma of freshly made hazelnuts. Whether you want to quench your walnut cravings or want to eat a deliciously healthy snack, our glazed almonds snack packs will become your favorite new snack.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE GREAT FOR SALADS & OTHER DISHES – When you order our glazed Slivered almonds bulk container, you will want to use them on various dishes. These dishes will be the perfect garnish for your salads, oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, ice cream, Slivered almonds pancakes, or any other dish that you like. It's Delish's Glazed Slivered Almonds are an ideal mixture of sweet, crackly, and savory bite-sized nuts.
  •  NON-GMO & QUALITY KOSHER OU PARVE – These glazed Slivered almonds are roasted and sweetened to perfection without using refined sugar, HFCS, artificial flavors, or sulfites. These candied Slivered almonds are proudly made in the USA and shipped to you fresh. To give these Slivered almonds a lasting shelf-life, close the container's lid tightly and store it in a cool place.

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