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It's Delish Black Tie Tuxedo Jordan Almonds

What makes Jordan almonds so special is that its the chosen candy by many for party favors and buffets alike. On that special day for that momentous occasion, these are on display and the atmosphere is set. Freshest & finest almonds & hard candy shell  Get some of these as well as some of our other party items. The more you buy, the less each unit actually costs you.

Premium great-tasting Jordan almonds made from California almonds and sweet candy coating. Jordan almonds are a popular wedding favor, particularly at events hosted by families of Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern descent. Also, best as gifts on Easter and Christmas and everyone enjoys them tasty Almonds. Stock up for your upcoming event. Put them out at the buffet in large jars or as favors in fancy pouches, totes, or burlap bags. Perfect for Weddings, baby showers, themed parties, baptisms and birthdays, etc. The almonds are coated in a hard shell, eat them by placing them in the mouth for a bit until they are ready for the bite. Enjoy!


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