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Spooky Pop Halloween Black & Orange Popcorn by It's Delish, 16 Oz Jumbo Container

Treat yourself or make your party a hit with our delicious gourmet Black & Orange popcorn in vanilla and orange flavor. Close your eyes, take a sniff... taste each flavor! Mmmm.... good.

Plus, the packet that packs these popcorn nuts is specifically designed to keep the nuts fresh and crunchy. These fun, fruity colors of popcorn come in a jumbo container to quench your popcorn thirst. Our Black & Orange popcorn is non-dairy and proudly made in the USA. Kosher certification shows that they are non-GMO.
  • EXCITING BLACK & ORANGE-COLORED POPCORN: Delicious Black & Orange popcorn for snacks and parties. Although artificially flavored Vanilla & Orange, its popping with fruity candy flavor. - YIELDS: Approx 2 oz. per cup.
  • WONDERFUL TREAT: This fun fruity popcorn comes in a large bulk 16 Oz (1 Lb) container to satisfy your popcorn crave and midnight sweet tooth. Open the lid and sniff the aroma of this yummy popcorn. Eat out of the jar, or divide it into popcorn bags. Plus, when this popcorn finishes, you can reuse the container to store food or stationery items in it. - When sealed, candied popcorn can stay fresh for over a month!
  • DELICIOUS ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, SWEET, & CRUNCHY: It's Delish Black & Orange Popcorn will keep you munching and crunching while you get to appreciate the fun fruity flavors and exciting colors of the mix. Whether at a carnival, fun Black & Orange-themed party or just sitting at home or office, you"ll love our fruity popcorn. Indulge today!
  • FUN & YUMMY FOR EVERY OCCASION: Our Black & Orange-flavored popcorn is simply the ideal choice for every occasion. Whether you want to surprise your little ones with a new treat, gift yourself or your friend with a new snack, add it to your colorful or Black & Orange-theme party, gift it on weddings, baby showers, or any other occasion that crosses your mind, these will be a winner!
  • CERTIFIED KOSHER OU PARVE: Our Black & Orange popcorn is non-dairy and proudly made in the USA. Kosher certification shows that they are non-GMO. We value and care for our customers, and your well-being is our top priority. Expect nothing less when it comes to the freshness, flavor, and crunch of this popcorn. Order from the factory directly by adding our product to your cart now.

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