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It's Delish Coconut Chips 

Coconut Chips Raw and commonly called "coconut meat" is the edible white meat of a coconut, often shredded for use in culinary applications such as cakes and curries.

Delicious and fresh coconut chips raw and unsweetened for health and taste! What a delight! These coconut chips are healthy with protein and fiber and serve as a great snack by itself or to add to trail mix. They make an awesome topping for yogurt, salads, ice cream, baked goods, cereal, pancakes, and smoothies, oatmeal, granola, trail mixes, etc.

Coconut meat lends itself to a variety of recipes including sweet potato casseroles, homemade trail mix, marinades for meat dishes, exotic soups, and sweet additions to cookies and cake garnishes, but coconut meat can also be to bring forth coconut milk.


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