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Purple, Pink and Blue Jordan Almond Medley

Jordan Almonds by Its Delish Premium great-tasting Jordan almonds made from California almonds and sweet candy coating. Stock up for your upcoming event. Put them out at the buffet in large jars or as favors in fancy pouches, totes, or burlap bags. These Light Pink and White are made with delicious milk. Each candy-coated ball will taste savory on your taste buds. Perfect for Weddings, baby showers, themed parties and birthdays, etc. You can bring these as a gift to a wedding or any other special celebration. The almonds are coated in a hard shell; eat them by placing them in the mouth for a bit until they are ready for the bite. Pink and Purple Jordan Almonds have such a uniquely delicious taste that you will be sure to love them! Each almond is oven-roasted to perfection! Indulge in a handful of Pink and Purple Jordan Almonds, and you'll experience an exquisitely unique taste. These Pink and Purple Jordan Almonds make the perfect party favor or candy dish filler for any celebration. Buy Jordan almonds online from Its Delish and experience quality and deliciousness that will highlight any gathering!

  • STYLISH CANDY COATED ALMONDS – The delicious Jordan Almond in bulk consists of Pink, Blue and Purple candy-coated almonds covered with a wealthy sugar shell in stylish colors. Many cultures use them as traditional candy favors for weddings, baby showers, and births. Its Delish Pink Purple Jordan Almond Bulk ensured delicious taste alongside bright, appealing colors. You will love the whole texture and colorful outer look of these Jordan Almonds candy bulk.
  • CANDY BUFFET & SWEET TABLE – Its Delish’s mouthwatering Jordan almonds are one of a kind to feature a premium gift pack for your friends and family. The decorative sweet Pink Purple Almond candy bulk is pleasing to the eyes, which is a thoroughly desirable gift. Its Delish’s excellent sugar-coated candy almonds provide the perfect sweet crunch and taste, and more nut munching.
  • BOY & GIRL THEMED PARTY FAVOR – Our jordan almonds are the go-to for so many people of all ages looking to pair their party event with the perfect candy for the sweet table candy buffet or table party favors. This interesting medley can go well for Its A Boy or Its A Girl theme parties.
  • CLASSY YET UNIQUE GIFT & SNACK – If you don't have a party to plan or baked goods to decorate, you can still enjoy Its Delish’s tasty Pink, Purple Jordan Almond Snacks. These moderate sugar-coated almond medley would give you instant soothing happiness. This mouthwatering pink, purple colored candy can gracefully complement other treats as well.
  • MADE IN THE USA & CERTIFIED KOSHER– Jordan almonds bulk Pink Purple candy-coated bulk party favor is the most desirable for our customer choice. Its Delish always tries to ensure the best quality product to help our valuable buyers gain more in bulk. Its Delish manufacturs in N. Hollywood California and is strictly OU Kosher. Our Jordan Almonds are made with our own polish that's animal and bug free, vegan friendly.

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